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  • Tick Tock Tik Tok

    Contemplating the relationship between clocks and time

  • Interview

    PSU’s Art and Social Practice The Interview is Only as Good as the Relationship June 7, 2023 Text by Marissa Perez with Ruth Eddy “Listening. That’s the number one thing.”-Ruth Eddy This is an interview about interviews. I don’t think I’m a good interviewer and Ruth is the best interviewer I know, so who better…

  • Props ‘The Humans’

    Verge Theater, Bozeman , MT July 2023 This play takes place in a two story apartment in New York City in real time during a family Thanksgiving. The apartment is newly moved into, IKEA bags and paper plates. The plant has survived the move and with the running clock , gives life to this apartment.

  • Things Change

    In 2020 I learned that the City of Portland had plans to take down the tree and round-about outside my bedroom window. I made a ‘THINGS CHANGE’ road sign as a way to communally cope with the coming change. A few weeks later an unknown collaborator embodying the message changed the sign to read ‘CHANGE…

  • Props ‘F*ing A’

    Verge Theater , Bozeman, MT – April 2023 About a mother loosing her son. A butcher and Abortionist. Theater in the round directed by Kyrie Dawson and Jaeyln Silvey