Author: Theruthe

  • Tick Tock Tik Tok

  • Eagle Boy

    George, Scott and Eagle Boy make up a team that competes in the Suicide Race, a notorious event held each August in Omak, Washington. The town is sliced in half by the Okanogan River; one side is on the Colville Reservation, the other side isn’t. The Suicide Race is a conglomeration of these two realities…

  • Things Change

    In 2020 I learned that the City of Portland had plans to take down the tree and round-about outside my bedroom window. I made a ‘THINGS CHANGE’ road sign as a way to communally copy with coming change. A few weeks later an unknown collaborator emboyding the message changed the sign to read ‘ CHANGE…

  • Interview

    PSU’s Art and Social Practice

  • Sounds Abound

    Main St. Gallery , Ketchikan AK 2016